The Bioinformatics Day

Did you know that bioinformatics is one of the most fascinating and innovative areas of science today? It combines biology, maths, computer science and statistics to understand and solve biological problems in a creative and efficient way. It is essential for biological and medical research because it allows us to analyse and interpret the huge volumes of data generated by DNA sequencing technologies and other techniques. With bioinformatics, we can discover new biological knowledge and develop new solutions for human health and the environment.

This is why bioinformatics deserves to be recognised and celebrated as an area of great importance to society. And there's nothing better than to do this on 11 March, Bioinformatics Day or Bioinformaticians' Day. This date was chosen by AB3C in honour of Margaret Dayhoff, a pioneer in the field who used her experience in computing to create innovative methods for analysing biological data in the 1940s. She also contributed to the development of biological database systems, which make it easier for scientists to store and share data. Thanks to her and many other researchers, bioinformatics has become a key area for the advancement of science.

Bioinformatics Day is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and challenges of bioinformaticians, the professionals who work in this field. They use their creativity and skills to solve complex problems and generate new knowledge. They also collaborate with other researchers and professionals from different areas, forming an interdisciplinary and integrated network.
To celebrate this day, AB3C is proposing a series of activities aimed at publicising and valuing bioinformatics. We want to show what bioinformatics is and its areas of expertise, present multidisciplinary evidence of current knowledge in the field, promote debates on cutting-edge issues in the field, and encourage the teaching of bioinformatics with innovative didactic processes.

And you, as a bioinformatician or admirer of the field, can take part in this celebration. Simply prepare a post about your work or interest in bioinformatics, indicating how it helps you achieve your goals, and tag it with #DiadaBioinformática. On the 11th, post it on your social media and, if you like, tag AB3C on one of our social media channels.
Don't forget to put your creativity to work! Get together with your colleagues and collaborators and make a video of up to two minutes telling what bioinformatics is to you; create a jingle about your research; and organise a tutorial on how some analysis tools work. Show the world that you are a bioinformatician.

Let's celebrate Bioinformatics Day together and show the importance of this area for science and society.

We're counting on your participation!